Q:  How important are first impressions?  

A:  Controlling first impressions is a crucial goal in real estate marketing.  Studies show that potential buyers will develop an overall attitude about a property within fifteen seconds of entry.  This is why presenting a warm and inviting atmosphere is imperative.  

Q:  Are good photographs of our staged home important for it’s sale?

A:  At least 90 percent of perspective buyers will look on-line before contacting an agent to show the property.  The quality of those photographs represents the all important first impression. For your home to sell quickly it must stand out against the on-line competition.  High quality images are a must.  This is why we include professional photography as a part of our vacant staging service.


Q:  How do you make decisions about changing a home's interior?

A:  First, we look at the demographics of the area, then create a harmonious composition that is appealing to that demographic.


Q:  What are “emotional connection points”, and why are they important?

A:   They are subtle, strategically placed, focal points that subconsciously cause buyers to feel at home.  A decision to buy is rarely made without this emotional connection to a property.


Q:  Is home staging a new profession?

A:  Yes.  In the past, home owners have tried to present their homes for sale based on their own sense of style.  

Staging is defining spaces without the emotional attachment of a home owner.  This allows the property to appeal to a broader group of people, thus creating a much larger pool of perspective buyers.

Q:  Can I stage my own home without the help of a staging professional?

A:  You can try…but, it is extremely difficult to stage your own home because it is impossible for you to view it objectively.  It is so challenging that many professional stagers actually hire other stagers when putting their own homes on the market!


Q:  Is accreditation necessary to be in the staging business?

A:  No.  However, professional training in any field is advantageous for everyone concerned.  We obtained certification through the Home Staging Resource (HSR), one of the most comprehensive home staging certification courses in the country.  They are accredited by the Real Estate Staging Association (RESA), a third-party community committed to the advancement of professionalism and excellence in real estate staging.  As an active member of RESA we are kept informed of industry standards, design trends, ethics and real estate staging statistical information. 

Q:  You describe your services as an investment.  What does that mean?

A:  The value in staging is the fact that the property will sell sooner, eliminating the carrying costs associated with maintaining it.


Q:  How much should I budget for a vacant staging project?

A:  The cost of staging depends on the property. Square footage, number & size of rooms, architectural style and detail of floor plan all play a part.  There are simply too many variables to predict the cost without physically viewing and evaluating the property. Once the home is evaluated, an accurate estimate will be submitted.  Our consultations to stage a property are always free.  

Q:  What is included in your vacant staging package?

A:  The planning and design scheme; furniture and accessory selections; delivery; installation; a three month display period; bi-weekly display checks and removal once the property sells.  Professionally composed and processed photos of the entire property are provided to the home owner and the listing agent for marketing efforts.   


Q:  Do you require a deposit before beginning the project and when is the balance due?

A:  Yes.  Half of the total fee is required to start the process (which includes the scheduling) and the balance is due upon completion of the project, once you and your listing agent have possession of the photographs.  Photographs are sent to both parties via email.


Q:  Is a refund given to me if the house sells within the three month time-frame?

A:  No.  We allow the staging presentation to be displayed for three continuous months as part of the initial setup fee, which is normally ample time to sell a house that is priced correctly.  If the house sells before the three month period then the value of our staging project is even greater!


Q:  What happens should the house not sell within the three month term?

A:    You have the option to rent the arrangement on a monthly basis.  This fee will be noted in the original proposal and will be invoiced separately if necessary.


Q:  Is it important to stage every room in the house, or can we just stage the “main” rooms?

A:  It is always best to stage the entire house.  Potential buyers will see a partially staged home as incomplete.  Staging doesn’t just define the different spaces in your home, it also makes the entire property seem “finished” and move-in ready.


Q:  Once we have hired you, how long does it take to complete the staging project?

A:  Most projects are completed within one week.  Once the deposit and signed contract are received the project is scheduled.  The start date is always dependent on previously scheduled projects. We work on a first come first serve basis.

Q:  Why is staging important to Realtors?

A:  Although it is important to get the best price for their clients, the greatest value in staging for a realtor has more to do with the speed of the sale.  Properly staged and photographed homes will attract more attention, receive more showings and therefore sell faster.  A quick sale is in everyone's best interest.

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