Hello, my name is Trace Tague, co-owner and photographer for Stage One Services.  

I am not a native of Tucson, but in the 20+ years living here, have come to appreciate it as one.  My early years were spent in Kansas, eventually graduating with a business degree from Kansas State University in Manhattan, KS - "the little apple".  After several visits, the decision to move here permanently was an easy one to make.  The many sunny cycling days this area had to offer enabled me to peddle around the city pursuing my love of photography.  Capturing the desert’s beautiful landscape on camera was one my favorite leisurely activities.

My real estate photography career began quite by accident... When my wife, Tonya and I created this company in 2010, it was for home staging.  Photography was not originally included in our services.  After viewing substandard online photos of one of our first projects I decided to make a study of Real Estate Photography.  The photography service was included primarily to ensure our staging work be properly represented to the public.  Soon it became a separate  business venture and now I feel truly blessed to be able to earn a living doing what I love.


           Real Estate Photography