​​​Whether the house is selling for $100,000 or $10 million, the principles are the same.  Real estate photographers use psychology, technique and an artist’s eye to present the property in it’s best light.

Why Choose Stage One Services?            

  • Experience: I have been shooting real estate in the greater Tucson area since 2010.  

  • Reliability:  I show up on time and deliver photos as scheduled.

  • Specialization:  I am a full time real estate photographer, specializing in interiors and architecture.  

  • Quality:  My goal is to make your listings look exceptional.  To ensure consistent results, I do all the shooting and post processing myself.    

  • Loyalty:   I promote the realtors that I work with and treat their clients with respect. 

  • Passion:  I enjoy what I do and it shows through in my work.

  • Education:  My photographic education has included coaching from highly respected leaders in the real estate photography industry. 

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Real Estate Photography in Tucson

My name is Trace Tague, co-owner and photographer


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